Benefits of a New Client Campaign

Short Term

ž- Filling in those empty columns, building a new clientele and keeping your staff busy during quiet periods, with new and potentially regular customers.

– žImmediate increase in revenue: your business profits during the campaign through the customers using the bonus/upgrade chart. It is through this that you will see the turnover of your business increase.

Long Term

– žClient Retention: Salon Select London directly markets your campaign only to businesses in your target area. The clients we deliver to your business are working professionals. Our certificates are structured in order for a new client to visit your salon at least 3 times in a 6 month period. This increases your chance of keeping them long term.

ž- The exposure the Salon Select London campaign will give you is proven. We will contact hundreds of businesses and this means thousands of people will receive the information on your campaign which will feature your logo, website details, images etc. Mass exposure will certainly win you brownie points in the eyes of potential new clients.