Where Salon Select Began!

Hello there!

I would like to start by welcoming you to the Salon Select London website – I hope this will give you an insight as to where our story began…

Having worked in the Hair & Beauty Industry for the last 10 years, helping salons grow their own businesses and consulting with all their staff members, I decided I wanted to take the leap and develop my own marketing & consultancy company. The ethos? ‘Wherever your heading, we’re right behind you’.

With my own enterprise, I could focus on building the salon brands I work with, and get the highest quality of new clients through their doors with our unique and personalised marketing campaigns. My team here at Salon Select carefully monitor clients that are ready to be introduced to one of our established salons, and each member of our staff are highly trained and educated with the salon brand in mind.

Having studied Marketing at London Guildhall University, I graduated with a 2:1, and always knew my calling was to develop my own marketing consultancy. My passion has always been the Health & Wellbeing industries, so for me it was about finding a route to work behind the scenes and watch salons & their staff blossom with Salon Select London behind them.

People always ask, what makes us so different?

‘Because we just simply care’. This is not about profits for us, it is purely based on our unique passion for what we do. All my salons I work with have my 100% dedication and commitment. I will work closely with each and every one of you to make sure our marketing campaigns are designed to meet the needs of each individual salon. I advise, I consult and most of all, I TRAIN! Training for me is education provided to all your staff members, sharing my wealth of knowledge and expertise in bringing the best out of each staff member in your salon or spa. It is not about dictating to your team, it is about sharing experiences whilst keeping them infused with laughter, targets and FUN!

My clients all know I am just a phone call away…

If you are serious about growing your salon brand, then keep browsing… you are in the right place to take your business to the next level. Let’s work together…

Wherever your heading, we’re right behind you’

Elena Attard, Managing Director – Salon Select London Ltd